The software product BINETIX® IMP™ is a specialized solution for management, control, monitoring and effective dispatch of SMS, or other type of text messages towards one or more external providers of mobile or Internet messaging services.

BINETIX® IMP™ functions as a Gateway/Middle-ware between different software products. For example it operates between PTM and other end-products. The software calculates the most optimal price between messaging suppliers covering different supplying platforms mobile or Internet messaging services. The software is capable to work as an SMS-Proxy, through which to route (redirect) messages from one provider to another at the client request. 

BINETIX® IMP™ provides standard API interfaces with built-in OAuth 2 security that can be used by external software products and that remains a consistent Middle-ware regardless of the mobile or Internet service used. To remain consistent or unchanged means that this saves the client the constant expenses for software updates and support of API functions for different SMS suppliers. 

Additionally BINETIX® IMP™ can be integrated into your infrastructure under Windows OS as a service or under Unix/LINUX as a service daemon.