PTM™ DELUXE 2021 has arrived

One more time BINETIX has delivered excellent results by schedule. 


This year, BINETIX is celebrating ten successful years on the competitive market of banking and SWIFT-based software solutions. The award-wining product PTM™ is released today on schedule with is new version PTM™ DELUXE 2021.

It is worth reminding the historical fact that over the years, BINETIX has developed several key software solutions and proprietary technologies which are focused on the financial Industry. In 2019 some of these were consolidated into one financial platform under the trademark name PTM™ DELUXE.

Each year since 2019, PTM™ DELUXE has a respective release where it includes all functionalities for automation of banking documentary operations which were previously distributed under LIBREE® trademark. Now all banking, SWIFT, and financial functionalities are consolidated and integrated into one software solution. Even more, each year we anticipate to include more new futures, improvements and updates which is also dictated by the changes in the Financial standards. As you probably know, the financial sector is a regulated business and some of our clients (banks) are subject to regular or periodical changes under the local regulatory body - Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) and/or global regulatory bodies such as European Central BankEuropean Banking Authority (EBA), European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), BIS BaselFinancial Stability Board (FSB) and etc

This transformation and consolidation all in PTM™ DELUXE series was made for better product market recognition, for better and faster responding to the needs of our clients and for improved product support according to the most recent operational and security requirements stipulated by EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2017, adopted in our company”, said Dr. Eng. Andrew ANDREEV, the CEO of BINETIX LLC."

Today, we are introducing PTM™ DELUXE 2021The new version of the software platform PTM'21 has detailed and up-to-date product documentation, which includes a user manual, administrative documentation for maintenance and installation, as well as detailed technical documentation for interface development and integration of external systems with PTM. The full bundle of documents is published and freely available on the Internet at the following addresses:


The figure below illustrates an example configuration of the System with two specialized modules for management of Bank Documentary operations and corporate transactions, as well as integration with external payment Systems supported in PTM’21.



A detailed description of the changes made by PTM’21 to PTM’20 is regularly maintained at: