Bulgarian National Postal Operator and BINETIX have successfully deployed the financial platform PTM™

PTM™ deployed at all branches of the Bulgarian National Postal Operator.

Bulgarian National Postal Operator and BINETIX have implemented a successful adaptation of the financial platform PTM™.

Unified Management and Control System (UMCS) deployed at Bulgarian Posts PLC is in strict compliance with the National Security requirements and traceability of operations under the Law on Measures Against Money Laundering (LMAML) and the Law on Measures Against Financing of Terrorism (LMAFT).

This project started in 2016 and UMCS was operational in the beginning of year 2017. Now, PTM™ is implemented and fully operational at all branches and offices of Bulgarian National Postal Operator. Daily, PTM™ is processing  thousands of money transactions at national and international level due to its different payment channels.

The unique ERP platform serves to plan, monitor and control the resources connected with money transfer management and associated transactions, business processes at number of various payment channels and services which Bulgarian National Postal Operator offers to their clients operating on the Bulgarian and international markets.

Bulgarian National Postal Operator has more than 10 000 employees and a network of 2981 postal offices (branches) which fully covers the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, providing financial services with 100% geographical access to the Bulgarian population.

The adaptation and unification of the money transfer operations in number of various payment channels was accomplished due to the considerable joint efforts of the Managers and experts from the Headquarters of Bulgarian Posts PLC and BINETIX LLC.