We are delighted to announce that BINETIX increased it's value by new Patent ownership

September 9th, 2019

BINETIX has new score on success. Increasing company value has always been a goal of successful business entities. More often than not, the process of adding value to high technological companies could be a challenge. Staying on the top of the wave is uneasy task. This time we are scoring high-pitched wave conquering. The new Patent ownership is not only a success that adds value to the company itself, but is has even special contribution in adding more knowledge to our pool. It presents us with an absolute advantage over our competition and grants us national and European recognition.

The patent is formulated as "System for decentralized management of Electronic Health Records" and it covers what might be an answer to one the biggest challenges for IT in Healthcare sector in the upcoming years. Gathering, maintaining and searching into geographically dispersed and unstructured clinical information including but not limited to medical records, biomedical images, operational documentation are just some of its capabilities. For years, many institutions have been trying to collect, standardize and centralize this information into common storage in order to provide consistent health data. The System for decentralized management of Electronic Health Records realizes the decentralized concept to link and build a virtual electronic medical record, stored onto one or more distributed computers or embedded devices, without any need of a central server, and single database or data cluster.

More detailed information is available upon request.