PTM™ DELUXE is here!

After six successful years on the competitive market of banking and SWIFT-based software solutions, the award-wining product series of PTM™ are reborn today into one consolidated financial platform under a new trademark name, known as PTM™ DELUXE.

The new financial platform PTM™ DELUXE is the successor of all legacy modules from the last supported version of PTM™ 4.5, as well as it includes all functionalities for automation of banking documentary operations which were distributed under LIBREE® trademark. Now all banking, SWIFT, and financial functionalities are consolidated and integrated into one software solution, and shall be distributed by BINETIX and our representatives under one name - PTM™ DELUXE.

“This application transformation was made for better product market recognition, and for improved product support according to the most recent operational and security requirements stipulated by EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2017, recently commenced in our company”, said Dr. Eng. Andrew ANDREEV, the CEO of BINETIX LLC.

Version control of the new platform PTM™ DELUXE was also changed – the approach is to hold the year of the issuing of the product, rather then the legacy methodology to increase major/minor version digits.

The support of PTM™ versions will continue only within the period of the current contractual obligations with our clients. When this period ends, BINETIX LLC will terminate the support of all old versions and will support only the new product PTM™ DELUXE. It is important to know that with the begging of Q2 in 2019, the registered trademarks BINETIX® and LIBREE® will no longer be applied to PTM™ DELUXE, or any of its modules.

BINETIX always thinks about its clients and will introduce a special program for updating the legacy versions of the old product series in order to secure fluent transition to PTM™ DELUXE 2019.